I worked in collaboration with many different professors throughout the university to create this infographic for my thesis, visually demonstrate the data this buoy collects and why it is important for the school. This Buoy is located off the coast of a very popular surfing beach near the university. This infographic also explains the specific wave science relevant to this area of the coast, which is particularly important to the Nautical students who are studying to spend their lives working at sea. This buoy, as well as my thesis project was created in collaboration with the Bilbao School of Engineering, teaching staff from the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Nautical and Maritime Transport degrees and masters, Tecnalia, Zunibal and the support of the Directorate for Emergency Attention and Meteorology (DAEM/Euskalmet). I created the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and put together the final infographic with text in Indesign. 
Pictured above are the slides from my final thesis presentation. I started out this thesis with a research project into the evolution of meteorological illustration over time, and how it has developed alongside the advances in technology within the field. I presented my research at the 2023 European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.​​​​​​​